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Fort Stockton Public Library


New Non-Fiction books for the month of June.
TitleAuthorCALL #
Medical myths that can kill you: and the 101 truths that will save, extend, and improve your life.Snyderman, Nancy L.610 SNY
Why men die first: how to lengthen your lifespan.Legato, Marianne J.613.0423 LEG
Squeaky green: the method guide to detoxing your home.Ryan, Eric648.5 RYA
The essential Batman encyclopedia.Greenberger, Robert741.5973 GRE
Swifter, higher, stronger: a photographic history of the Summer Olympics.Macy, Sue796.4809 MAC
American son: my story.De La Hoya, Oscar796.83092 DE
Churchill, Hitler and “the unnecessary war”: how Britain lost its empire and the West lost the world.Buchanan, Patrick J.  940.5311 BUC
The great derangement: a terrifying true story of war, politics, and religion at the twilight of the American empire.Taibbi, Matt973.93 TAI
The revolution: a manifesto.Paul, Ron973.931092 PAU