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Fort Stockton Public Library

Library Services

Everything we do for you, inside the library or out
Services and programs at the Library

The library has a collection of over 54,000 book titles, over 1,000 audio titles, in addition to over 120 subscriptions to local, area, and national newspapers, and periodicals. Special collections for Spanish readers and those with vision problems in the form of larger print books are also available, as well as microfilm Fort records from the 1850s and 1860s, and the Fort Stockton Pioneer from 1908 to the present.

Interlibrary Loan
Since it is impossible for one library to provide on its shelves all of the resources people want and need, the library participates in a number of programs to make sure it can provide nearly all that the community requires. One such program is Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Through this service, users may make a request for any book, and the library attempts to locate the item through lending libraries. These lending libraries will then send the Fort Stockton Public Library that item for the requesting patron, then it is sent back to the lender by the library.

TexShare Databases
The library also participates in TexShare, a program of the Texas State Library and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board. The TexShare Databases include more that 60 different commercial online research products. Unlike many research tools available for free on the Internet, the TexShare Databases provide accurate, authoritative, and commercial-free resources to patrons. Online encyclopedias, full-text access to professional and academic journals, newspaper and magazine archives, and nearly 20,000 electronic books (eBooks) are among the resources available through the TexShare Databases.

Children's Story Times
The library strives to offer a variety of programs and activities for everyone in the community. Of these programs, children's programming is the most requested. Story time is offered twice per month, and holiday story times include puppet shows and special guests such as community leaders, Santa, and McGruff the Crime Dog. Each summer, the library participates in the Summer Reading Club, a program of the Texas State Library. Donations from the public and businesses are used to purchase the prizes, gifts, and activity materials for all children's programming activities.

H. Edward Petsch Memorial
On May 6, 2003, the library was presented with the H. Edward Petsch Memorial. The gift was designated to provide and enhance art, music, theater, and cultural activities and programming to the community through the library. This generous gift from Mr. Petsch allows the Fort Stockton Public Library to become a true center of literacy for the community. Through the Memorial, the library has a digital piano available for public use, as well as sheet music and materials to learn to play the piano. Programs sponsored by the H. Edward Petsch Memorial include workshops and demonstrations by local artist.

Computer Use
The library offers free computer use and Internet access to the community. There are 10 regular workstations available for both Internet and general computer use, 2 children-only workstations with no Internet access, and a special-needs workstation that is ADA compliant for accessibility. All computers will print in either color or black-and white for a small copy charge. A photocopier is available for public use, as well as a DVD viewer and CD players for use with library materials.

Library Website
Through the library web site, users can access the TexShare Databases and the online catalog from anywhere with an Internet connection, where they can search the library holdings, place holds, and even renew items they have already checked out.

Other Library Services
Other services the library provides include the availability of Tax forms throughout the year. The Children's Area is equipped with it's own CD player, bean bags, puzzles, and educational toys. In 2003, the library memorial fund provided rocking chairs and couches to create comfortable setting for the periodicals area. The library offers a quiet, relaxing environment for studying and pleasure reading.